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If you have observed any signs that you might be dealing with a skunk problem it is best you contact the professionals. There is always a risk of getting sprayed or hurting the animal when attempting skunk removal on your own. We can have a technician on your property the same day to inspect the situation at no cost. We will not only make sure the animals leave, but provide solutions that guarantee the animals will not return.

Skunks sightings and subsequent problems are common in Toronto during the summer months. Skunks frequent yards and backyards. They build their dens in the ground as they are excellent diggers.

Skunk Control

skunk-proofingOur wildlife removal technicians will first perform a comprehensive review of the problem. Once the problem is found you will be provided with a quote for the job. In most cases, the skunk control process involves the attachment of one way doors to allow the animals to exit their den but not re-enter. In addition, steel wire mesh is placed around the area of the den so that the skunk wont dig its way back in through a new hole. In some cases, humane traps are used to trap and release the animals.


skunkSkunks are solitary creatures when not breeding. During colder times of the year they are known to den with other animals of their species. Adult skunks, both males and females, can inhabit areas of two to four square kilometers.  They can have several dens in one area and can move from den to den. They are most active in the Spring and Summer months. Female skunks give birth once a year, and have a gestation period of approximately 2 months. Once babies are born they will stay in the burrow or den with their mother. They will begin venturing outside only when they are older than 60 days. Skunks begin preparations of their winter dens in the Fall. Skunks can remain active during the winter time as long as temperatures are mild.

Skunks are infamous for their anal scent glands, that they may utilize as a defensive weapon. Skunk spray is fairly powerful and not simple to eliminate. People and animals have been in serious risk of being sprayed if residing in a garden. While it is very uncommon for a skunk to bite a person, it does happen.

If you have a skunk problem, call a professional to deal with it. Don’t risk getting sprayed or hurting the animal. Alpha Animal Control Ltd. can help. Call: 416-993-6343