pigeon control and removal solutions in TorontoPigeon Control Toronto. Alpha Animal Control Ltd. provides professional pigeon proofing and removal solutions for Toronto residences and business. Our technicians have the experience and know-how to deal with even the most challenging pigeon problem. We do not harm animals, we use the latest preventative measures to effectively alter the habits of the birds. Call now: 416-993-6343

Pigeons have adapted to city life more so than most other birds. Pigeon populations keep growing year after year in Toronto.

Their sheer numbers and their ability to adapt to urban environments has resulted in almost daily encounters with these creatures. Extended contact with pigeons can lead to various sanitation problems and health risks as pigeons are known to carry many different pathogens.

Pigeons nest and frequent areas where they can find shelter and food. They are able to nest in a myriad of safe places, for example building ledges, signs, air-conditioning, etc. When conditions allow pigeons nest during all seasons. Pigeons feed on many different things for example vegetable matter, garbage, insects and handouts. Dung may also comprise an assortment of disease causing bacteria, fungi, etc. Most of the parasitic mites related to pigeons also bite humans. Some of the more typical nesting sites are on roofs, in exhaust vents, soffits and roof lines leading straight to your attic. The most common problems caused by pigeons are roof and structural damage, blocked ventilation systems, fires, food pollution, damage to automobile finishes and much more.

pigeon-proofing-torontoOur trained technicians will humanely remove all birds, nesting materials and debris prior to changing vents or sealing the entry points. Prevention is the best means for pigeon control. We screen, seal, place spikes and other systems to keep pest birds out and away from your home or business. Our technicians will assist you to really develop a program that satisfies your requirements. Call Alpha Animal Control Ltd. for more information on our pigeon control services: 416-993-6343

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