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Prevention is the most effective way to deal with mice. It is quite unusual to come across a mouse. If you do, it might be a sign that you are dealing with an extensive infestation. Mice don’t venture out of their nests during the day that often. They are nocturnal creatures that emerge for food and water during the night.

The most typical indicator of mice is when the homeowner finds droppings. The most common place where mice are found is in the kitchen as that is where their search for water and food takes them. Common areas for spotting signs of mice are underneath the drain, behind the refrigerator or stove. Mice droppings are small black pellets the size of grains of rice. While they can be found anywhere in your home, they usually nest within walls, in attics or garages.

Mouse issues are treated by us using a well defined control plan. The first step to every mouse control problem is to make sure no new mice can enter a home. This is done by sealing all entry points, or in other words, mouse proofing a structure. Once that is done, then our technicians will place traps to control the existing population.


Mice multiply very fast, especially when they find favorable living conditions. The average female mouse can have about 8 litters, giving birth to a litter every 1 month. The average lifespan of the common house mouse is all about 12 months.

Most over the counter solutions for mouse problems are ineffective, for various reasons. The best way to deal with a mouse problem is to get professional help. Call us today to book a no-obligation inspection: 416-993-6343