We provide removal services form urban wildlife:
Raccoon: Raccoons have adapted quite successfully to the urban environment. Families of Raccoons can be seen in the afternoon or early mornings and can be noisy if residing in an attic.

Skunk: Skunks generally dig dens under foundations, steps or porches. Removal of soil from under a foundation could cause serious damages such as untimely settlement of the structure.

Squirrel: The teeth of squirrels constantly grow, leaving them no choice but to constantly chew. They can cause a lot of damage to roofs and attics.

Bats: The most common bat in Ontario is the brown microbat. These creatures can squeeze in holes as small as 6 mm in diameter. During periods extreme cold they might easily end up inside an unprotected house.

Birds:There are many species of birds in Ontario. Birds generally nest in unprotected vents, attics and any place safe from rain and wind.

Pigeon: Pigeons are the most common bird pest in the city of Toronto. Our technicians are experienced in dealing with removal and proofing for pigeons and can provide effective solutions.