Which Wildlife Species are Prominent in Southern Ontario

Canada’s Ontario province is home to many different species of wildlife, some unique only to that area. When describing wildlife in Ontario, specifically southern Ontario, it is important to explain the two ecological zones that make up the southern portion of the province. The first is the Ontario Shield Ecological zone, comprised of larger animals such as the Timber Wolf, Moose, and Caribou.

The southernmost ecological zone extending south and to the east of the Ontario Shield, is the Mixedwood Plains Eco-zone, which includes the Barred Owl, White-tailed Deer, the Flying Squirrel, Turkey, and the Badger. Because of this balance between predator and prey species in this congested area, so long as species are in abundant supply, the natural course of predation should keep most predators, as well as invasive species, away from your home. 

For example, Barred Owls in the woodlands of southern Ontario can act as a repellant to rats and badgers, that may likely seek shelter in your home or scavenge to find food in your yard or garden. Wolves primarily feed on small mammals, but will also hunt down deer for large meals that keep them sustained for many days. Particular wildlife, such as caribou and turkey, can also be hunted and used as a cheap and readily accessible food source for residents in the area, so long as codes and laws for hunting are observed. It has been noted however, that encounters with both predators and prey can cause at the very least a nuisance to your living conditions, and at best can create danger to your family if approached without caution. Because most predators hunt at night, never leave any fresh meat outside where predators can reach, and for prey, such as badgers, be sure to keep all things edible sealed, and contained within a fenced encampment, as this will prevent an invasive species from finding an access point.

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