What Damage Can Pigeon Droppings Cause to My Property and Garden

Pigeons could cause excessive damage to your garden, property, automobiles, machinery and buildings. The droppings smudge buildings and have the potential to destroy vegetation. The pungent odour and the unhygienic appearance is unpleasant to customers and passing pedestrians. Economic losses can be quite significant as a result of the need to clean the droppings, repair the damages and maintain a safe working environment. Besides, feathers can plug the ventilation units and can lead to other issues including health hazards. These issues require the attention of an expert who specializes in pigeon control. 

Pigeons also carry various diseases including histoplasmosis, salmonellas, pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, cryptococcosis and toxoplasmosis. They can host a number of ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, flies and lice. These ectoparasites can infest your property and bite humans as well as pests. All these damages and diseases can cost property owners a substantial amount of money to cover property damage, repairs as
well as sanitation expenses. The deterioration of your property and garden can lead to its devaluation. Pigeon droppings are highly corrosive and acidic and could cause extensive property damage. If the droppings are not cleaned regularly, they can cause irreversible damage to fences, walkways, walls, window sills and rooftops. The droppings can create unsanitary surroundings around your garden and the water features. 

It is essential to consult with a specialist to discuss on pigeon control. Pigeon control is best achieved using an integrated bird management program, making use of several control techniques. One such measure is the modification of pigeon habitat by eliminating food and water supplies alongside nesting and loafing sites to help reduce the population of pigeons. Another control measure is use of nylon or wire netting, electric shock fences or bird spikes to exclude pigeons from structures which they use as loafing or nesting locations. Trapping pigeons is an effective technique applied in pigeon control.


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