What Attracts Raccoons to My House?

Spotting ringed bushy tails and bandit marked faces, raccoons exhibit intelligence and look cute too. However, the fact remains that they are wild animals and can be quite destructive to your home and not to mention transmitting rabies when they bite. Many homeowners who have raccoons visiting their homes and causing destruction, often wonder what really attracts them.

Some of the things that attract raccoons to a home are as follows:

Food Sources

If you have created a food source for raccoons then they will never hunt but keep raiding your home until you do away with the food source. A raccoon’s food source might be as simple as the pet food you leave outside, the food remains you often put in your garbage bin or the contents of your bird feeder. Cleaning underneath your bird feeder every day or taking it down during dusk will help a lot. Also, putting a strong lid on your garbage bin and not leaving pet food or some food remains outdoors will no doubt keep the raccoons away because you will be squashing their food supply.

Water Sources

If you have a fish pond in your home, then it is the perfect attraction for raccoons and not only because of the fish, but mainly because of the water. You will have created a water source for them to rinse most of their food with before consuming it or even drinking the water. Fencing your pond with metal grills and even an electric fence will greatly help in keeping them away.

The Darkness

Having no security lights around your home will no doubt attract these sneaky night creatures. They will approach your home under the cover of darkness and cause damage. They can see quite well in the dark and with their great sense of smell they will your open garbage bin wherever it is and worst of them all, is that they could even find their way into your kitchen and the access to easy food. Placing a few bright security lights might help keep them at bay.

The above three are the major raccoon attractions to your home.

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