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Bats in the Attic – How to Locate the Bat Colony

Bats living in your house can be quite disconcerting, if not outright scary. If it’s a solitary bat that maybe strayed into your house, it can be easy to remove with the help of a trained wildlife control professional. But when there seems to be an infestation of bats living in a colony within the structures in your house such as your attic, then more steps need to be taken to control the situation.

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Does a Fence Work in Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Property?

Our home is our refuge from a terribly cold and confusing world. At home, we get a chance to be ourselves and to relax as much as we want. However, life is that not that easy. Challenges exist everywhere even within our back yards. Some of these challenges come in the form of rodents and pests. Raccoons are some of the worst kinds of wildlife to have around your home. Continue reading


How To Get Skunk Smells Out Of Your Home

The smell of a skunk can enter your home by many sources. For example, you or an animal in your home could be sprayed, or a skunk might spray something that is left sitting outside of the home. Skunk smells that are very mild can usually be eliminated by allowing the home to air out; however, a stronger smell will take much longer if you don’t act immediately. If you are looking for the best ways to remove the smell of skunk from your home, here are a few different methods that you could try. Continue reading