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Professional Squirrel Exclusion How to Find All Squirrel Entry Points in Your Roof

Squirrels are the worst kind of nuisance you can have in your home. They are fantastic and annoying chewers and can chew anything from wood to plastic, which means once they are in your house, your furniture, electric wires and bathroom vents are in danger, not forgetting the litters they produce. The best bet for getting rid of squirrels is to find all their entry points and sealing them, and  according to professionals and experience, most of these entry points are found in your roof. Continue reading

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How To Seal Entry Points To Keep Squirrels Away

Autumn has arrived and the weather temperatures are beginning to dip outdoors while indoors people begin to reach for their furnaces. Before you get set to hunker down inside for the long winter, its time to consider some precautions you should be taking outside your home to ensure you don’t have any intruding and uninvited guests attempt to gain entry as the year concludes. As part of every  squirrel removal job, sealing entry points is very important. Continue reading


The Damage Squirrels Can Cause in An Attic

How can a squirrel cause damage to your attic? Squirrels are rodents, and that means they constantly chew things. They will chew through wood, insulation, wires and anything else that they can get to in your attic. If you live in an older home and your electric wires are not completely up to code, it is possible for the squirrel to chew into your electric wires and cause a house fire.  Continue reading