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What Attracts Raccoons to My House?

Spotting ringed bushy tails and bandit marked faces, raccoons exhibit intelligence and look cute too. However, the fact remains that they are wild animals and can be quite destructive to your home and not to mention transmitting rabies when they bite. Many homeowners who have raccoons visiting their homes and causing destruction, often wonder what really attracts them. Continue reading


The Dangers of Having Animals Living in Your Attic

Dangers that households get exposed to as a result of harboring animals in their attics are diverse and vary in magnitude. Some produce annoying noises while others often release their foul smelling excreta within the attic. They may even cause diseases as a result of the harmful insects they harbor or simply by the animals acting either as disease vectors or reservoirs. Removing animals from the attic, and sealing the attic, is an integral step to any wildlife control process. Continue reading