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Does a Fence Work in Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Property?

Our home is our refuge from a terribly cold and confusing world. At home, we get a chance to be ourselves and to relax as much as we want. However, life is that not that easy. Challenges exist everywhere even within our back yards. Some of these challenges come in the form of rodents and pests. Raccoons are some of the worst kinds of wildlife to have around your home. Continue reading


How to Keep Raccoons and Skunks out of Your Shed

Raccoons are medium sized mammals which are nocturnal and are destructive to property because they dig in vegetable beds,eat fruits on trees and vines and knock down plants. Raccoons are strong and crafty making it difficult to entirely keep them off. Skunks are mammals which are known due to their ability to spray a liquid which has a strong odor,they eat frogs,insects,mice and at times baby rats.The skunks can transmit rabies.
Raccoon and Skunks can be kept out of the shed by: Continue reading