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Removing a Raccoon Mother with Babies, How is It Done

Removing a Raccoon mother with babies out of the attic is one of the most challenging jobs for a wildlife control professional. The big problem is that there will always be baby Raccoons in the attic together with an adult female. The young ones are always helpless and cannot be trapped; therefore they must be removed using the hands. The young ones can then be used to trap the adult female, and get all of them out at once without much ado. Continue reading


Trapping A Raccoon, Traps, Bait and Techniques For Removal

Trapping a raccoon usually seems easy and hassle free, until one actually tries it. Without the proper traps, techniques and bait, it can be a futile exercise. The raccoon eats almost anything, is a very curious animal and has a big appetite, but if you want to succeed where many others have failed in trapping it, take heed of the following tips, ideas for bait, techniques and traps: Continue reading


How To Humanely Remove Raccoons

Contrary to popular belief, trapping and relocating errant raccoons isn’t the most humane way of solving a raccoon issue. The problem in relocation is the raccoon is removed to a strange location where food and water sources are unknown. This new location may also be the territory of another raccoon who isn’t happy about the new intruder. Raccoon removal should be done in ways so that it doesn’t harm the animals. Continue reading