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Removing a Raccoon Mother with Babies, How is It Done

Removing a Raccoon mother with babies out of the attic is one of the most challenging jobs for a wildlife control professional. The big problem is that there will always be baby Raccoons in the attic together with an adult female. The young ones are always helpless and cannot be trapped; therefore they must be removed using the hands. The young ones can then be used to trap the adult female, and get all of them out at once without much ado. Continue reading

Professional Raccoon Removal Technicians

3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Professional Raccoon Removal Technicians

Raccoons are a common threat to the structural make up of your homes, its cleanliness and much more. If summer and spring has proven that your property has a raccoon infestation, your best bet is in hiring a professional raccoon removal technician. It is highly recommended that you should deal with the animal infestation inside or near your home before it gets out of hand. There are various reasons why you should consider hiring professional raccoon removal technicians. Continue reading


What Attracts Raccoons to My House?

Spotting ringed bushy tails and bandit marked faces, raccoons exhibit intelligence and look cute too. However, the fact remains that they are wild animals and can be quite destructive to your home and not to mention transmitting rabies when they bite. Many homeowners who have raccoons visiting their homes and causing destruction, often wonder what really attracts them. Continue reading