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How to Prevent Pigeons From Settling in Your Attic

Pigeons can be pets or pests. There are pigeon breeds that can be kept as pets and there are wild pigeon breeds that bring hazards to property and humans. While pet pigeons can be tamed and controlled, wild pigeons may require elaborate control methods. Failure to control them would mean a number of troubles like suffering from the unsightly scattering of their droppings anywhere especially roofs and window ledges; exposure to pigeons means exposing yourself to diseases similar to diseases carried by rats; their highly
acidic droppings erode metals and discolor paints; and, their nesting behavior puts twigs, leaves, feces, mummy nestlings and unhatched eggs bringing costly maintenance and health hazards. So if there is one thing you should take into consideration seriously, it is how to prevent pigeons from settling in your attic as this is one of their favourite nesting area. Continue reading


How to Pigeon Proof Your Roof

Pigeons pooping and pecking on your roof can be a rather costly problem if left to continue. The reason why pigeons may want to go to the highest point of your roof is that it gives the birds a vantage point for food. However, when the birds get the food, they require pecking it. This means that they will destroy your tiles and roofing crowns. Pigeon removal and control can help keep these birds away. Continue reading


A Brief Look into the Diseases That Pigeons Carry

Pigeons are among the birds that people love to keep, feed and entertain. While to some people they may be the only connection there is between them and the animal kingdom, pigeons surprisingly carry transmissible diseases. What worsens the situation further is that these little birds have few predators meaning like humans, they will continue multiplying and increasing in number. Controlling a pigeon population is advised. Continue reading