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Again A Few Words About Pigeon Proofing Your Roof

City pigeons or technically speaking feral Pigeons are the biggest nuicense in urban areas. Because of their ability to breed all year around, the number of these pigeons have sharply risen. These feral pigeons pose a health risk to humans as they are the potential carriers of diseases. Their droppings are prime transmitters of urnithosis and salmonellosis. That is why it is so important to utilize pigeon removal methods. 

These feral pigeons peck at the food and when perched on the highest point on the roof for a vantage point, they invariably peck and destroy the roofing crowns and tiles. This may lead to a costly repair if not taken care immediately. There are several options available to pigeon proof the roof and keep them away from the roof of your home. Continue reading

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Bird Pests and How Professional Wildlife Removal Technicians Can Help

A bird stuck in a vent or roosting in an attic can be very frustrating for a homeowner. While birds are beautiful in the wild where they belong, when they begin damaging property and creating messes, birds become pests. Luckily, professional wildlife removal technicians have a variety of techniques to remove bird pests and keep them out of the home for good. Continue reading


How to Pigeon Proof Your Roof

Pigeons pooping and pecking on your roof can be a rather costly problem if left to continue. The reason why pigeons may want to go to the highest point of your roof is that it gives the birds a vantage point for food. However, when the birds get the food, they require pecking it. This means that they will destroy your tiles and roofing crowns. Pigeon removal and control can help keep these birds away. Continue reading