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Raccoon Removed from Toronto Subway

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Raccoon Removed from Toronto Subway

By now everybody has heard about the ‘subway raccoon’, that actually didn’t have to be removed, as it decided to leave the subway! Seems like most people in Toronto, including some of our elected officials, find the incident comical, but raccoon removal is in fact serious business! For instance, it’s not hard to imagine the kinds of lawsuits the city and TTC could have faced, if somebody got scratched or worse.

Raccoon removal and control needs to be reassessed and perhaps overhauled; incidents like this should be a reminder of that fact more than brushed off as funny. Proper studies and planning would be beneficial to the animals as well as the Torontonians.

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The Dangers of Having Raccoons in Your House

Raccoons are common in our homes and can cause a lot of nuisance if not removed. People have always tried to resolve to humane ways of removing raccoons but simply failed. Preventing raccoons from entering your house in the first place is the best solution to a raccoon problem. If they manage to enter your house, there are several dangers that raccoons will pose to your family and everything close to it. Here are some of the dangers of having raccoons in your house; Continue reading

Professional Raccoon Removal Technicians

3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Professional Raccoon Removal Technicians

Raccoons are a common threat to the structural make up of your homes, its cleanliness and much more. If summer and spring has proven that your property has a raccoon infestation, your best bet is in hiring a professional raccoon removal technician. It is highly recommended that you should deal with the animal infestation inside or near your home before it gets out of hand. There are various reasons why you should consider hiring professional raccoon removal technicians. Continue reading