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Does a Fence Work in Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Property?

Our home is our refuge from a terribly cold and confusing world. At home, we get a chance to be ourselves and to relax as much as we want. However, life is that not that easy. Challenges exist everywhere even within our back yards. Some of these challenges come in the form of rodents and pests. Raccoons are some of the worst kinds of wildlife to have around your home. Continue reading


Different Ways a Squirrel Can Access Your Home

Squirrels can gain access to a structure in various ways; the most common being broken attic windows however loose shingles and roof tiles with water damage could allow them just enough space to enter undetected. Since squirrels prefer entry points that are at the tree line, those areas should be checked each season and patched or repaired accordingly. These areas include gutters, downspouts, drains and hall windows that are left open for ventilation. Continue reading


Which Wildlife Species are Prominent in Southern Ontario

Canada’s Ontario province is home to many different species of wildlife, some unique only to that area. When describing wildlife in Ontario, specifically southern Ontario, it is important to explain the two ecological zones that make up the southern portion of the province. The first is the Ontario Shield Ecological zone, comprised of larger animals such as the Timber Wolf, Moose, and Caribou. Continue reading