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Different Ways a Squirrel Can Access Your Home

Squirrels can gain access to a structure in various ways; the most common being broken attic windows however loose shingles and roof tiles with water damage could allow them just enough space to enter undetected. Since squirrels prefer entry points that are at the tree line, those areas should be checked each season and patched or repaired accordingly. These areas include gutters, downspouts, drains and hall windows that are left open for ventilation. Continue reading


What Damage Can Pigeon Droppings Cause to My Property and Garden

Pigeons could cause excessive damage to your garden, property, automobiles, machinery and buildings. The droppings smudge buildings and have the potential to destroy vegetation. The pungent odour and the unhygienic appearance is unpleasant to customers and passing pedestrians. Economic losses can be quite significant as a result of the need to clean the droppings, repair the damages and maintain a safe working environment. Besides, feathers can plug the ventilation units and can lead to other issues including health hazards. These issues require the attention of an expert who specializes in pigeon control.  Continue reading