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Raccoon Removal Even More Important in Toronto Due to Raccoon Rabies

Professional Raccoon Removal 416-993-6343

Professional Raccoon Removal 416-993-6343

Raccoon removal is even more important these days. According to the Globe and Mail, fifth raccoon rabies case was confirmed in Ontario in December 2015. This is a clear reemergence of raccoon rabies, as for a long time it was considered completely eliminated.


Proper raccoon removal and control is now even more important. The last thing anybody wants is a raccoon rabies outbreak in Toronto. Once again, the City of Toronto would have to involved in any meaningful solution. The effort would ideally be a collaboration between the city of Toronto and professional raccoon removal companies in Toronto. If you have any concerns about raccoon rabies, call 911 in the case of an emergency. Contact us to talk to a technician about professional and guaranteed raccoon removal: 416-993-6343


How to Keep Opossums Away from Your Garden

Opossums with their thick, talented and long tail enjoy eating foods such as nuts, insects, vegetables, eggs, fruits, flesh, and anything in your garbage that they can eat. They are also commonly called possums. They are so big and many people mistaken them as a cat-sized rats. They are smart marsupials that play dead when they feel danger is near or they growl or hiss and show their sharp teeth when frightened. They are gentle and placid; they like avoiding confrontations and wish to be left alone. The following are ways of keeping them away from your house, yard and garden: Continue reading


Does a Fence Work in Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Property?

Our home is our refuge from a terribly cold and confusing world. At home, we get a chance to be ourselves and to relax as much as we want. However, life is that not that easy. Challenges exist everywhere even within our back yards. Some of these challenges come in the form of rodents and pests. Raccoons are some of the worst kinds of wildlife to have around your home. Continue reading