Removing a Raccoon Mother with Babies, How is It Done

Removing a Raccoon mother with babies out of the attic is one of the most challenging jobs for a wildlife control professional. The big problem is that there will always be baby Raccoons in the attic together with an adult female. The young ones are always helpless and cannot be trapped; therefore they must be removed using the hands. The young ones can then be used to trap the adult female, and get all of them out at once without much ado.

Get access to the inside of the attic and remove the litter of baby raccoons. Grabbing them should be done using the hands and put them inside a pillow case. Ensure that the mother raccoon is not nearby as she may attack and cause injuries. Mount a trap on the exit hole of the attic and scare the adult female out of the attic and finally into the trap. One can also grab her with a pole if incase she sticks around the attic to defend her babies. If one gets the babies and the mother is not there, the babies can be used as bait to trap her.

Ensure that you seal the entry points once all the raccoons are out. This will prevent new animals from moving into the attic soon. Once inside the attic, raccoons will always leave an odor that might attract other new animals from entering quickly. The mess that the raccoons leave in the attic must also be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Raccoons sometimes find their way into the ceiling of a house. If there exist no attic space in the ceiling, find the particular spot that the babies lay, cut out a hole and grab and remove the baby raccoons. This principle will also apply when removing raccoons out of walls. Baby raccoons always chatter making them easy to be located.

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