How to Prevent Pigeons From Settling in Your Attic

Pigeons can be pets or pests. There are pigeon breeds that can be kept as pets and there are wild pigeon breeds that bring hazards to property and humans. While pet pigeons can be tamed and controlled, wild pigeons may require elaborate control methods. Failure to control them would mean a number of troubles like suffering from the unsightly scattering of their droppings anywhere especially roofs and window ledges; exposure to pigeons means exposing yourself to diseases similar to diseases carried by rats; their highly
acidic droppings erode metals and discolor paints; and, their nesting behavior puts twigs, leaves, feces, mummy nestlings and unhatched eggs bringing costly maintenance and health hazards. So if there is one thing you should take into consideration seriously, it is how to prevent pigeons from settling in your attic as this is one of their favourite nesting area.

There are numerous control methods used in pigeon control, most of them poisonous and cruel, but there are also a number of natural methods found to humanely control pigeons and prevent them from settling in area you don’t wish them to go to.

1. Pigeon spikes may look sharp and dangerous but they won’t hurt pigeons. These are very easy to install.

2. Clear the area of any pigeon food. They only frequent areas where they can find food.

3. Install life size dummies of pigeon predators like crows, snakes, and hawks to scare them away.

4. Install sound deterrent devices to shock them. These sound like a firecracker, crow cry, or gunshot and are available in the market.

5. Install chicken wire traps. These will get rid of pigeons from small and unreachable areas but will not hurt the birds and you can just release them afterwards if you wish to. The experience will discourage and keep them away anyway.

6. Use tactile repellents. These will cause great landing discomfort.

Aside from these, you can also find extensive pigeon control methods online today.

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