How to Pigeon Proof Your Roof

Pigeons pooping and pecking on your roof can be a rather costly problem if left to continue. The reason why pigeons may want to go to the highest point of your roof is that it gives the birds a vantage point for food. However, when the birds get the food, they require pecking it. This means that they will destroy your tiles and roofing crowns. Pigeon removal and control can help keep these birds away.

To prevent this you may make use of the transparent bird gels. Bird spikes are another full proof method to prevent birds form landing on the roof. They provide for a very inhospitable landing zone for the pigeons. The spikes are made of durable stainless steel. It may also be made of unbreakable polycarbonate.

These plastic spikes may come in several colors that go well with the color of the roof. These colors include; brick red, grey, black, tan, crystal clear and brown. Therefore you are able to camouflage your spikes and the pigeons will only escape or avoid the roof upon landing and realizing there are spikes.

This plastic variety is also advantageous in areas where the steel spikes may interfere with the TV dish signal or radio antenna. In the case of hard weather conditions, ensure you make use of UV protected polycarbonate base spikes.

Bird Sonics are another way to go when you are looking to bird proof your roof against pigeons. Bird Sonics emit predator distress sounds. These are sounds that pigeons may want to avoid. They prevent birds from landing or nesting on your roof. What these bird Sonics do is exploit the bird’s fear of predators that is natural. It is very effective as birds can process sounds of up to 1/200th of a second. This is very high compared to humans processing speed of sound that is 1/20th of a second.

For pigeon, the Bird Sonics can blast the sounds of peregrine falcons that are dreaded by the pigeons. The pitch, timing and frequency are altered by the bird Sonics. This way, the birds are kept on their toes.

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