How To Mouse Proof Your Home

Mice are usually everywhere and are always on the lookout for food, water and shelter. The key to keeping mice away is to get rid of what attracts them to the house. Seeing a mouse in your house is a sign that more mice are around. Killing the mice using poison or bait traps is only half the battle. To make sure mice wont come in your space again, you need to make sure that they dont have ways of coming back in.Given the fact that mice can squeeze into a hole the size of dime, this can be a difficult task best left to mouse proofing professionals.

Clean the space-You can know that mice have invaded your space if you see droppings and access holes and electric wires that are chewed, therefore the space will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Crawl spaces-These need to be closed with an actual door and the very small openings can be closed with steel wool and the openings that are slightly larger should be closed with wire mesh, confirm that the spaces where plumbing and heating cords enter and exit the house are sealed properly. Cement that is quick drying can also be used for sealing

Trees-The trees that have branches near the roof need to be trimmed so as to slow any roof jumping by the mice

Set traps-Traps can be set by initially starting with pre baiting so that the mouse gets the idea that the trap is safe ,then after this pre baiting you can set the traps. The traps can be glue traps or snap traps

Garage-Garages are places where the mouse feels comfortable in because of the clutter, so clean the garage frequently and never leave the door open especially at night

Food-Store food in sealed containers so that you control the smell. Garbage smell should also be controlled by keeping it tightly sealed

Control the grass-The grass in the lawn when it is abundant just outside the house creates a home for the mice so get rid of grass and trim bushes that cause a dense cover near the home

Have a cat-Mice are generally afraid of cats so keeping a cat will help eliminate the ones that have infested your house because they have an ability to detect them and kill them

Keep woodpiles away-Woodpiles are dark and moist and mice are attracted to this in the home

Water leakage-Fix any taps that are leaking and get rid of open water troughs and drains as mice love water

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