How to Keep Opossums Away from Your Garden

Opossums with their thick, talented and long tail enjoy eating foods such as nuts, insects, vegetables, eggs, fruits, flesh, and anything in your garbage that they can eat. They are also commonly called possums. They are so big and many people mistaken them as a cat-sized rats. They are smart marsupials that play dead when they feel danger is near or they growl or hiss and show their sharp teeth when frightened. They are gentle and placid; they like avoiding confrontations and wish to be left alone. The following are ways of keeping them away from your house, yard and garden:

Take away their source of food

Taking away the possum’s food source is an effective way to get them to leave you alone. Make sure your garbage cans are secured in airtight containers or inside your garage. You should provide an alternative source of food to keep them away from your garden and plants. Plant eucalyptus or nectar-filled flowers with plants consumed by opossums or around the garden. Also, scatter fruit scraps around your garden.

Build a fence

Build a fence around your garden, house or yard. Erect a wire fence, electric fence or with the picket fence that is buried at least two feet underground and a five feet above the ground. This ensures that the animal does not jump over or the fence burrow under.


Set the traps near the places that they like to visit and entice them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Once you have trapped them, relocate them at least 12 miles away from your garden. After relocating them, patch up all the openings possums are using to get into your garden to ensure they don’t come back.

Chili pepper and sprays

Chili pepper can be used as a repellant to keep them away. Spray plants using 1 cup of dried chili pepper pureed in 3 liters of warm water in a blender. You should also Plant chili pepper plants and sprinkle chili powder around the garden as a protective border.


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