How To Get Skunk Smells Out Of Your Home

The smell of a skunk can enter your home by many sources. For example, you or an animal in your home could be sprayed, or a skunk might spray something that is left sitting outside of the home. Skunk smells that are very mild can usually be eliminated by allowing the home to air out; however, a stronger smell will take much longer if you don’t act immediately. If you are looking for the best ways to remove the smell of skunk from your home, here are a few different methods that you could try.

Open The Windows

Let some of the fresh air and natural light come into the home to help neutralize the smell of skunk. When you close up the home, this will only keep the stench inside where it can further attach itself to items in the home. The sun also has a neutralizing effect on fabrics by lifting the smell from clothes, towels, blankets and more.

Turn On Some Fans

When you turn on desk fans and ceiling fans in the home, you allow the air to circulate therefore pushing it out the opened windows. If you allow the skunk smell to stay in the home, it can settle into fabrics and furniture, thus making it harder to remove.

Change Out Filters

You need to make sure that you change out the filters in your air conditioner and your heater before and after you have treated the smell of skunk in your home. The reason for this, is that the smells will cling to the filters therefore only hiding the smell.

Wash All Fabric And Shampoo Carpets

All of the fabrics in the home that are exposed to the skunk smell will need to be washed as quickly as possible. Also, you need to use a steamer or carpet cleaner to wash all of the carpets and furniture that can’t be washed in a machine.

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