Does a Fence Work in Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Property?

Our home is our refuge from a terribly cold and confusing world. At home, we get a chance to be ourselves and to relax as much as we want. However, life is that not that easy. Challenges exist everywhere even within our back yards. Some of these challenges come in the form of rodents and pests. Raccoons are some of the worst kinds of wildlife to have around your home.

Raccoons are bad for us in a number of ways. To begin with, they often damage or destroy our property. For example, raccoons can knock over garbage cans, eat vegetables in home gardens and/or turn attics into dens. In addition, raccoons also carry certain diseases that are dangerous to humans including rabies. Therefore, it is important to keep raccoons as far away from your home as possible.

The best way of keeping raccoons far away from your home is by stopping them at your compound’s periphery. In other words, erect a perimeter fence around your compound that will keep them out. Theoretically, this means that they will never get into your house. However, the question is whether these fences are practical. To put it differently, does a fence work in keeping raccoons out of your property?

Well, the answer is simple. No. Fences do not keep raccoons out of your compound. This is because raccoons are very good climbers. They can easily climb over any type of conventional fence that you erect. However, an electric fence is an entirely different matter. An electric charge repulses raccoons, just as it does to any other animal. This means that racoons will not pass through an electric fence. The shock would startle them. This startling experience would cause them to run away.

However, you should follow all the laid down rules and regulations when it comes to erecting electric fences around your compound. Bear in mind that high power electric fences can have a devastating impact on other kinds of wildlife around your compound.

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