Damage That Raccoons Can Cause to Your Roof and Attic

Raccoons commonly enter a home and stay in the roof and attic. Even though raccoons are not known to attack humans they are known to carry diseases and are also known to cause damage. Damage that can require thousands in repair costs. A small opening in the roof can lead to water damage that may require replacing an entire roof if left untended. disease carriers, they can cause many damages to a home.

Such damage may include:

Chewing wood in the attic

Attics and the roof usually have wood that raccoons chew. If wood chewing is prolonged, there can be extensive damages that may result into the roof weakening. It can be very expensive to do repairs that arise from prolonged chewing of wood in the roof.

Chewing Eaves of the Roof

When raccoons chew wooden eaves of a roof, they can make holes. Water can thereby pass through such holes. Water can result in further damages of the attic and roof. For example, there can be molding on the wood. Molds in attics are usually difficult to remove.

Chewing Wires

Raccoons can chew wires in the attic. This can result into hazards such as fires. Electrical wiring in a home is usually done in the attic and roof. When raccoons chew such wires, they can be short circuits that can damage electronics in a home or cause fires.

Leaving Bad Odors

Raccoons can leave lost of fecal matter and urine in the roof and attic. This can result in bad odors in a home. Such bad odors can be unpleasant in a home.

Removing Raccoons from your roof and Attic

It is very importance to remove raccoons in your roof and attic to avoid extreme damage. Some reliable ways of removing raccoons from your roof and attic include:

· Cover all entry holes. You should make sure that all holes in your roof and attic are fully covered with to make sure that raccoons will be unable to enter. You can cover the holes with mesh wire.

· Using predator decoys. Predator decoys are a good way of keeping away raccoons from roofs and attics.

· Make sure there is no access to the roof and attic. You should make sure that raccoons are unable to access your roof and attic by chopping off branches near the roof and attic. This is to make sure that the raccoons will not be able to jump from trees and branches to access the attic.

Damage that raccoons can cause to your roof and attic worsens with time. Therefore, getting rid of them quickly and making sure that they lack access to your roof and attic can always prevent more damage.

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