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Professional Squirrel Exclusion How to Find All Squirrel Entry Points in Your Roof

Squirrels are the worst kind of nuisance you can have in your home. They are fantastic and annoying chewers and can chew anything from wood to plastic, which means once they are in your house, your furniture, electric wires and bathroom vents are in danger, not forgetting the litters they produce. The best bet for getting rid of squirrels is to find all their entry points and sealing them, and  according to professionals and experience, most of these entry points are found in your roof. Continue reading

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How to Tell If You Have a Bat Infestation in Your Home

As bats tend to hide in an attic, it is common for a homeowner to be unaware they are living with bats. How can you tell if you actually have a bat infestation or simply a stray bat who will soon leave to return to his flock? There are a few ways to determine whether or not there is a bat problem. Many homeowners become aware of bats simply by the noise they create in the attic during their routine activities, and there are more ways to confirm your suspicions if you believe you may have some bats living in your home.

One obvious sign of an infestation of bats is if you are spotting several bats in or around your home, however as bats are nocturnal animals they tend to not be visible during the day. The good news is that bats are predictable, and tend to leave a building by the same exit every night, which makes it much easier for the homeowner to establish whether their is an infestation or a one off interaction with a bat. Continue reading


Again A Few Words About Pigeon Proofing Your Roof

City pigeons or technically speaking feral Pigeons are the biggest nuicense in urban areas. Because of their ability to breed all year around, the number of these pigeons have sharply risen. These feral pigeons pose a health risk to humans as they are the potential carriers of diseases. Their droppings are prime transmitters of urnithosis and salmonellosis. That is why it is so important to utilize pigeon removal methods. 

These feral pigeons peck at the food and when perched on the highest point on the roof for a vantage point, they invariably peck and destroy the roofing crowns and tiles. This may lead to a costly repair if not taken care immediately. There are several options available to pigeon proof the roof and keep them away from the roof of your home. Continue reading