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Humane Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Raccoon Removal Remains a Problem in Toronto

Raccoon removal has been a problem in Toronto and increasingly so, as the urban sprawl continues to take their natural habitat away. Raccoon adapted well to the urban environment, lots of garbage for food and of course shelter. Raccoon removal becomes necessary, when they take shelter too close to us and of course when they rip our garbage cans. 

A typical raccoon removal problem starts with customers hearing  scratching noises from the attic, chimney, under decks and other structural cavities. The raccoon going after the garbage is also a major headache. Also, raccoon often get hit by cars, which poses a risk and of course is inhumane. Removing raccoon can get very tricky, especially when dealing with a mother raccoon.

The long term solution to the problem of raccoon removal remains the same, not having to take the removal approach by preventing them from gaining access in the first place. The use of the right kind of screen is key. Raccoon are very strong, agile and smart. They almost always find a way in, unless physically impossible. Roof vents must be screened, as raccoon easily rip them open and get into the attic. Roof vents have a weak screen, sometimes only meant for insects. In any case, consulting a raccoon removal professional for a consultation can save you a lot of headache and money. Call 416-993-6343 now to speak to a professional about raccoon removal in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area or visit our site for more information:

Humane Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Humane Raccoon Removal in Toronto

The raccoon removal problem will likely get worse with global warming. The late and relatively moderate winter we seem to be having this year, will make a tricky raccoon removal season this spring with the unexpected early litter. As mentioned, the raccoon garbage problem and road collision risk will also continue and likely get worse. The city of Toronto will have to play a more active role in the raccoon removal problem in collaboration with the professional wildlife removal companies.

The Dangers of Having Raccoons in Your House

Raccoons are common in our homes and can cause a lot of nuisance if not removed. People have always tried to resolve to humane ways of removing raccoons but simply failed. Preventing raccoons from entering your house in the first place is the best solution to a raccoon problem. If they manage to enter your house, there are several dangers that raccoons will pose to your family and everything close to it. Here are some of the dangers of having raccoons in your house; Continue reading

Removing a Raccoon Mother with Babies, How is It Done

Removing a Raccoon mother with babies out of the attic is one of the most challenging jobs for a wildlife control professional. The big problem is that there will always be baby Raccoons in the attic together with an adult female. The young ones are always helpless and cannot be trapped; therefore they must be removed using the hands. The young ones can then be used to trap the adult female, and get all of them out at once without much ado. Continue reading